About Tofino Air

At its heart, Tofino Air is a locally-owned and operated business that understands the value and importance of personal, friendly service.

Our Client Service Team are ready and willing to help you schedule your next flight, provide helpful information, and share local knowledge, knowing that going above and beyond is the rule, not the exception to the rule.

Commitment to Safety

Tofino Air's commitment to safety is evidenced in their decision to operate an aircraft maintenance facility. Due to the cost and regulatory hurdles involved in certain aspects of airline operations, few companies are prepared for the long-term obligation of such a decision. Tofino Air Lines exemplifies the quality of work, attention to detail and required maintenance schedules necessary to be a true industry leader in regional floatplane travel.

They are proud of their employees, fleet and reputation. Tofino Air employs experienced pilots with excellent knowledge of the West Coast.

Our Aircraft


The Beaver

The de Havilland Beaver is a true classic. It is a timeless symbol of Canadian ingenuity and has been named one of Canada's top 10 achievements—loved by all that have flown or depended on it. The six seat Beaver continues to prove its value every day, and to this day has yet to be replaced by any newer designs built to fill its role.

The Cessna

The Cessna 180 is a rugged high wing plane that is fast and quiet making it an excellent choice for up to three (3) passengers and a popular floatplane on the West Coast.

Our aircraft fleet is exceptionally well maintained, allowing us to provide safe, reliable air service. Our internal maintenance program has resulted in an outstanding safety record, meeting and exceeding the Canadian Air Regulations flight safety standards and our own internal quality control requirements.